Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Owner Reflections

Reflection is always good, some prefer to say dwell, but I choose to reflect and here is why. According to the dictionary Reflect means: to mirror; to send back energy from a surface; to cause to return; to express. And Dwell means: to remain for a time, to live as a resident, to exist, lie, to keep the attention directed.

So in looking back at this year I would like to reflect on the changes and beginnings that have happened – but I don’t want to keep my attention focused there because there are too many exciting things to look forward to next year!

Ka Nani Essentials started with another Company in the beginning of the year. New products such as customized lotion and Body Butter Bars were introduced and immediately were a hit. In August the company re-organized and Ka Nani Essentials was born and began its introduction into the marketplace. Everyone still enjoyed the customized products, but several other new products were created and became instant hits as well. Ka Nani Essentials Natural Body Wash and other liquid soaps, Kidz Natural Bath Time Paints, Women’s Shaving Gel, new fun shapes for soap bars and of course Holiday Themes.

I feel completely blessed and satisfied at a year of business well done. There are many who have been supportve and encouraging and I am truly GRATEFUL for all of them. A partner who works very hard to support a household so that I can concentrate on business and children. People like Dorinda and Otto who have helped with Graphic Designs and provided certain events to advertise at, Fred who has stepped in and used his accounting degree to set up Ka Nani’s accounting processes, 2 beautiful girls who have helped by smelling, poking, watching and learning, Debbie who has tested and through her suggestions made the Ka Nani Product line better, Deborah of Uniquely Pampered who has taught me certain processes and made suggestions and encouraged me to follow my dreams.

The person whom I am most grateful for is a very special woman who has been in my life for quite a few years. She is one who will listen to anything, (not that she doesn’t have an opinion!), is non-judgmental,(not that she doesn’t have anything to say!), gives Great advice and has helped me not only as a business person, but also as a mother and a friend. She is a true soul friend. She is a GREAT mom to two very challenging children, but still finds the time to collaboratively create all the GREAT advertising materials that you see. She will be taking on some bigger roles with Ka Nani next year so stay tuned for the exciting developments!

As you can now see Ka Nani Essentials has many supporters all of whom I am very grateful for!! I am grateful for ALL of Ka Nani Essentials’ customers and vendors. I am very thankful to people who continue to spread the word about my business, and I am especially Thankful to’s emmaspirit who has so graciously included Ka Nani Essentials in her list of Green Companies that she has tried and liked. Who wrote so well that it was picked up by NBC’s GreenIsUniversal Website. People like this who try our products and spread the word are what makes Ka Nani Essentials a success. Individuals like Ron Coronado from Hacker Safe and Andrew Barden of OneCoach who have given some very helpful business advice and whom Ka Nani Essentials is looking forward to working with and learning from in the new year to grow the business so that we may be better prepared to continue providing you, our consumers with the best customer service possible. Customers like Tara - Southern California, Deborah and many others who continue to buy our products and tell others how great they are.

So THANK YOU one and all and best Holiday Wishes to Everyone!