Friday, December 26, 2008

Top Ten Soaps of 2008

It's Official By Sales!!

Here are the 10 most creative & popular soaps bought in 2008.

10. 4.5 oz. Dragonfly Soap - Most Popular color was purple!

09. 7.5 oz. Sea Sponge Soap Bar - Popular aroma - Orange Creamcicle.

08. 4.5 oz. Butterfly Soap - Most popular color - Green

07. 4.0 oz. Coffee Plaid Soap

06. 4.5 oz. Oval Shaped Soap - Most favorite aroma - Berries-N-Cream

05. 4.5 oz. Intentionally Clean Pineapple Soap Bar

04. 4.5 oz. Intentionally Clean Strawberry Scrub Bar

03. 4.0 oz. Signature Tuscany Scrub Bar

02. 4.0 oz. Intentionally Clean Chocolate Heart Soap Bar
(appearing in PINK Magazine 2009 by the way!!)

and the number 1 all time favorite soap of 2008 is..........

Drum roll please.........

01. 4.0 oz. Signature Hanging Loofah Sponge Soap

You heard it here folks - this is how America keeps clean!!!

Until next year remember.........

We clean ALL your dirty spots - Naturally!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Not What You Think.......

The Holiday of Holidays is speeding towards us. The hustle & bustle, the preparations, the fear.....All is coming to a frenzied point ending on December 24th. Or does it?

Well the preparations probably will end.....but the hustle & bustle, why do we notice it so much at this time of year only & not the rest?? The only answer that I can think of is that this time of year adds additional energy to our already hustle & bustled lives & we tend to notice it more. Competition is higher to have the best Christmas Decorations, the most gifts, the best foods & the most ravishing parties.

Last night I was out with my daughter driving around looking at Christmas Lights - walking down the 'Christmas Lane' in our town. As we were headed home....we saw a group walking down the sidewalk, knocking on doors. Alas!! Christmas Caroling is not dead!!!

Life is busy - but if you take life in THIS moment & then the next moment & so forth, it works itself out.

On my way home the other day from an appointment, I was stopped at a red light as I was waiting I noticed a man walking down the sidewalk - haltingly. As I continued waiting for the light to turn, I continued watching when I noticed this man had no shoes, no socks just bare feet. What could I do about this obvious need, in the middle of an intersection? The light changed, but the man hadn't stopped walking & was crossing in the crosswalk against the light. I didn't hurry him by honking my horn, those behind me were doing that for me. As I watched, I said a silent Ho'oponopono for him & me. I asked the Universe to help this one person in the way that he needed the most. My answer?........

He turned & smiled at me.

Kindness does not need to be a big showy gesture. Sometimes it is a small whisper on the behalf of someone else.

This Holiday Season - with all these energies & emotions running about - Let us remember the true spirit of the season with the littlest acts of kindness.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Free How To Guide

This time of year is a fun time. One filled with celebrations, parties, gift giving you name it you can do it & probably get away with it!! a certain point!!

This year Ka Nani Essentials learned of a great way that you can host a party without all the stress & expense that goes with it!! It is fun, hip & brings back a great tradition that has fallen by the wayside just a bit.So go quickly & get your FREE Holiday Hosting Guide here

And then go throw a Wild Party that will leave them talking for months & perhaps start a new tradition in your neck of the woods for next year!!

Happy Holidays!!