Friday, July 25, 2008

Intentionally Clean

This last month we have been busy finalizing a new product line called Intentionally Clean

This product line was designed using an ancient Hawaiian Healing method Ho'oponopono as well as some other alternative healing methods.

This product line helps those who INTEND to live a life where one takes 100% responsibility for everything in their life and to keep one mindful of constantly cleaning their world.

The items that are provided reminds as well as helps clear and clean one's spirit/energy and body.

The tools are fun, unique and easy to fall in love when they are used.

I invite you to take a look at our first ever video made to explain the product line and how you too can become Intentionally Clean!!

Here is the video:

Are You Intentionally Clean?

I invite you to come watch the video and help us Celebrate our latest Intention!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Beauty Secret of The Month for July.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. – George Carlin - In Loving Memory.

This month's Beauty Secret is an exercise in providing you with 50 Top Reasons Why you should have Natural Ka Nani Essentials or translated - Natural Beauty Essentials.

Ka Nani Essentials is a Bath and Body Company that makes their products by hand from natural and organic ingredients. Here are 50 Reasons to Go Ka Nani - Naturally!! So without further ado - here goes........

Why Ka Nani Essentials - Top 50 Reasons

50. It's foundation is built upon Integrity and finding the answers.

49. Honors Freedom, Creativeness and Individual Choices.

48. Supports two girls in providing a great start to life when they are ready.

47. Promotes and Celebrates Natural not artificial Beauty.

46. Puts taking care of yourself BACK into your hands.

45. Always tested on Humans rather than animals.

44. Gives four children the opportunity to have their parent available to them through-out the day.

43. Gives FREE tips and information.

42. Is trust-worthy - always follows through on their word.

41. Promotes being happy with who you are and celebrates the uniqueness in EVERYONE!

40. Is used in Local Chiropractor Offices.

39. Customers usually come back for more.

38. Takes great pride in their products and work.

37. Has GREAT moisturizing properties.

36. Is a mom-owned business and helps support two families.

35. Supports local communities and businesses.

34. Helps other small businesses.

33. Allows for artistic creativity.

32. Amazing and Exotic aromas available.

31. Order process is simple with easy to follow customization processes.

30. Promotes taking care of Spiritual Beauty as well as Physical Beauty.

29. Is really 'Kid Tested - Mother approved!'

28. Works hard to fulfill ANY request.

27. Really CAN match ANY Bathroom Theme you may have.

26. Is a company that REALLY listens to their customers.

25. Made In the U.S.A. by supplies and ingredients grown and made in the U.S.A.

24. Has no harsh detergents or chemicals in their products.

23. Strives to continually improve to remain Environmentally responsible.

22. Offers sincere Gratitude for customers, friends and supporters.

21. Is Safe for Children.

20. Has fast and efficient delivery.

19. Works to support healthy self image for everyone.

18. Gives to charities and other organizations that support children, animals and the environment.

17. Has a product for every budget.

16. Offers healthy choices.

15. It's products are based on extensive re-search.

14. Always gives samples and other goodies with EVERY order.

13. Designed to bring Naturalness to every home.

12. Is Fun.

11. All products are environmentally friendly.

10. Helps promote health.

9. Constantly tries to treat all customers as they themselves would like to be treated.

8. Allows the customer to get creative.

7. Helps to support children and other 'Mom businesses.'

6. Provides unique one of a kind creations.

5. Delivers ways to save ALL customers money.

4. Offers Aromatherapy in every product.

3. Makes living healthy EASY and AFFORDABLE.

2. Provides IMMEDIATE relief for a lot of skin conditions.

1. You can pronounce ALL ingredients on our labels!

And there you have it. If any one asks - now you have 50 reasons to support your decision to buy our Natural and Healthy Products!!

Feel free to share with anyone you wish :D

Until next month - Feel GREAT About Your Beauty - Naturally!