Friday, December 26, 2008

Top Ten Soaps of 2008

It's Official By Sales!!

Here are the 10 most creative & popular soaps bought in 2008.

10. 4.5 oz. Dragonfly Soap - Most Popular color was purple!

09. 7.5 oz. Sea Sponge Soap Bar - Popular aroma - Orange Creamcicle.

08. 4.5 oz. Butterfly Soap - Most popular color - Green

07. 4.0 oz. Coffee Plaid Soap

06. 4.5 oz. Oval Shaped Soap - Most favorite aroma - Berries-N-Cream

05. 4.5 oz. Intentionally Clean Pineapple Soap Bar

04. 4.5 oz. Intentionally Clean Strawberry Scrub Bar

03. 4.0 oz. Signature Tuscany Scrub Bar

02. 4.0 oz. Intentionally Clean Chocolate Heart Soap Bar
(appearing in PINK Magazine 2009 by the way!!)

and the number 1 all time favorite soap of 2008 is..........

Drum roll please.........

01. 4.0 oz. Signature Hanging Loofah Sponge Soap

You heard it here folks - this is how America keeps clean!!!

Until next year remember.........

We clean ALL your dirty spots - Naturally!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Not What You Think.......

The Holiday of Holidays is speeding towards us. The hustle & bustle, the preparations, the fear.....All is coming to a frenzied point ending on December 24th. Or does it?

Well the preparations probably will end.....but the hustle & bustle, why do we notice it so much at this time of year only & not the rest?? The only answer that I can think of is that this time of year adds additional energy to our already hustle & bustled lives & we tend to notice it more. Competition is higher to have the best Christmas Decorations, the most gifts, the best foods & the most ravishing parties.

Last night I was out with my daughter driving around looking at Christmas Lights - walking down the 'Christmas Lane' in our town. As we were headed home....we saw a group walking down the sidewalk, knocking on doors. Alas!! Christmas Caroling is not dead!!!

Life is busy - but if you take life in THIS moment & then the next moment & so forth, it works itself out.

On my way home the other day from an appointment, I was stopped at a red light as I was waiting I noticed a man walking down the sidewalk - haltingly. As I continued waiting for the light to turn, I continued watching when I noticed this man had no shoes, no socks just bare feet. What could I do about this obvious need, in the middle of an intersection? The light changed, but the man hadn't stopped walking & was crossing in the crosswalk against the light. I didn't hurry him by honking my horn, those behind me were doing that for me. As I watched, I said a silent Ho'oponopono for him & me. I asked the Universe to help this one person in the way that he needed the most. My answer?........

He turned & smiled at me.

Kindness does not need to be a big showy gesture. Sometimes it is a small whisper on the behalf of someone else.

This Holiday Season - with all these energies & emotions running about - Let us remember the true spirit of the season with the littlest acts of kindness.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Free How To Guide

This time of year is a fun time. One filled with celebrations, parties, gift giving you name it you can do it & probably get away with it!! a certain point!!

This year Ka Nani Essentials learned of a great way that you can host a party without all the stress & expense that goes with it!! It is fun, hip & brings back a great tradition that has fallen by the wayside just a bit.So go quickly & get your FREE Holiday Hosting Guide here

And then go throw a Wild Party that will leave them talking for months & perhaps start a new tradition in your neck of the woods for next year!!

Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Giving An Inch-Guide For Giving At Holiday Seasons

This month Ka Nani Essentials is preparing for the Holidays - that time of year when people are looking for unique ways to express their gratitude, devotion & other emotions that come with wanting to give a gift. Even the "I have to because she is my mother-in-law, co-worker, boss etc. because they gave me something!" :D

It brought to mind all the different challenges that Ka Nani Essentials has faced this year in creating more money & how we were able to overcome them by changing how we thought. And what must be going through people's mind this year as they get ready for this Holiday Season as well. Holiday Seasons always tend to bring people to think about donating to those less fortunate especially Christmas Time.

Now one of Ka Nani Essentials core values or beliefs is this - that giving should not be a once a year focal point - rather that in giving whether it is at holiday times, special times, or whatever time; whether it be for loved ones, friends, acquaintances, or even yourself. It is the act of giving that allows for growth of one's self. It is NOT the price tag & it is not the gift.....when one truly gives from their heart believing they are helping, cheering up, or just being a friend to someone else - THAT IS THE TRUE GIFT!!

So whether you spend a lot or a little this year for Holiday giving, whether it is from Ka Nani Essentials or some other store.......take a moment to lovingly caress your gifts with your warmest thoughts & wishes for the person it is going to - you will be surprised what it does for them & you!!

Ok - now on to the giving part! I believe that society today in part feels like that one can not give with out having money or time. So it becomes this vicious circle of "I don't have much to give, I have to take care of my family, Times are bad, I don't have time."
While the little GREEN piece of paper certainly makes it possible to give & do more, & while having time to spare is very nice.....I don't buy into this philosophy as much. And here is the reason why....

Did you know that aside from money & time there are myriad of ways to give? Let's go through a little list.....

1. MONEY - there are many organizations that collect this way & then use the $$$ to get whatever it is that they need for whomever they help. Look up any charity & they accept $$$$, monthly donations, Estates, Wills etc.

2. TIME - There are definitely a number of organizations that can use extra helping hands from Office type work to inventory to just listening to the people that these organizations help. This works especially well for those who may have just retired & have found some more time on their hands. Moms whose children are in school....even those who maybe just got laid off. That last one may not sit so well with some - but I know a few individuals who have done this & have ended up with a job earning money!!! It also means scheduling time from your busy schedule for your children! Even if it is just an hour at the park...this is sooo important! This is this BEST ROI (Return on Investment) you can achieve!!
Here is a starting point for volunteering: One Brick and for those who like to travel a bit: Cross Cultural Solutions

3. ITEMS - Organizations are ALWAYS looking for the day to day things that help keep them & the people they serve running. Going through your items that you don't use any more before you run them out to the curb for garbage pick-up - think about places you could drop them off instead!! EVEN IF THEY ARE BROKEN.....there are some organizations that can use those broken printers, computers, cell phones or other appliances. It can be as simple as this:
or this: Used Toys
or as complicated as this: Automobiles

4. PERSONAL ITEMS - This does not take much & adds up quickly!!! When you are out shopping for toothpaste, feminine items, shampoo, soap, deodorant, garbage bags, sandwich baggies etc. Pick up up one extra - will usually run you $2.00 to $5.00 more. Save the extra one you picked up & drop it off at your nearest homeless shelter, USO Office, AFG, or other local charity.

One can not begin to understand the impact this has unless they have been in a similar situation of either being out in the field, homeless or otherwise challenged. The act of being able to brush your teeth when you are mired in mud, if you are a solider, or wash your face if you are homeless does wonders for morale!! Baggies help to keep these little items together & what I wouldn't have done for a few extra garbage bags when I was out on deployment!!!

5. INCHES - YES now days you can even donate in inches!!! There are a few organizations out there that help bring self esteem back to boys, girls,women & probably men too, that have lost hair due to some medical condition. Be it cancer, rare illness or disease or accident by offering wigs & other hair replacements. Some are more of an ecological nature & collect hair to help the environment by helping to clean up oil & other hazardous spills! Most salons that participate give the hair cut, style etc. for free so make sure to ask!! Anyone can participate & requirements are usually that hair length is 10 to 12 inches long. Here are a few places to check out when donating in inches: Matter of Trust
Angel Hair For Kids
Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Program

So here are a few ideas for giving this year & all year long in 2009. It does not take alot of money or in some case time. It is just a matter of re-thinking giving!! You will be amazed at how your inner beauty will shine when you give!!

As for me - I chose to give in inches - all 21 inches! Like the new look?
I DO!! :D

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day 08 - Poverty & Beauty

Today Ka Nani Essentials is participating in a unique opportunity of raising awareness in regards to poverty. Through out our company we re-enforce the idea that while beauty is maintained on the outside, beauty is from within. When one is feeling low on the inside it is spread outward towards everything else.

Today I do not want to speak to the numbers & the tragedies of poverty as these are un-numerable, but rather focus on those who are actually taking action and making a difference. Those that are teaching & educating on how to be beautiful on the inside.

Ka Nani Essentials was honored to participate in supporting Alternative For Girls Organization in several of their Awareness Functions & Projects this year. We were able to donate several of our Bath Collection Baskets for a Silent Auction to help raise money for AFG & again in September when we helped support a team project with a delightful Spa Bag and hope to be donating soon some delightful soap bars for the Shelter.

Alternative For Girls is an organization that provides shelter, intervention & prevention for at risk, homeless & those who are not being taken care of by State or judicial programs.

Last year alone Alternative For Girls provided near 9,000 nights of loving care to girls, young women and their children.

They enlist the help of the elderly in the community as volunteer foster Grandparents to help provide child care for participating residents. What an idea!!

Alternative For Girls provides Out Reach programs where teams are dispatched to high-risk crime areas & provide information, food, rides to shelter safety for women engaged in self destructive activities such as drugs, prostitution or gang related jobs. They provide education & information on gun violence prevention, alcohol & increasing self-esteem.

Last year alone – they distributed over 26, 837 harm-reduction kits.

One of the best parts about Alternative For Girls that I appreciate so much is their Prevention Program that reaches the span of a girl's life…5-18. Their girls clubs are mentor based with each club having only 2 to 3 girls PER mentor!!! The clubs are interest based & include learning activities that range from gardening, to poetry, to martial arts or whatever else that the girls might be interested in. Alternative For Girls provides home visits to help give girls support even at home!

Alternative For Girls enlists the help of retired teachers that serve as tutors for after school programs & study groups to help girls retain what they have learned. They provide transportation & tours to college campuses.

As I look at all that Alternative For Girls is doing to take action against poverty – I am amazed!! Not only are they meeting women & children where they are at – they are helping to raise the hopes & dreams of those who have let those dreams go. And they are doing it with a mere handful of staff.

Ka Nani Essentials is humbled & honored to help in even the smallest way to support organizations such as Alternative For Girls that are truly taking a stand against poverty & making a difference!!

To get started & make a difference above is a link of things that Alternative For Girls organization needs – even if it is a small item that you can give – you are making a difference in helping to stamp out poverty. For as you do these things, you are truly helping everyone to “Feel GREAT About Their Beauty!”

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October Events

This Sunday, October 12, The Devil-Ettes are hosting another Pip Squeak A Go Go, the Bay Area's best dance party for kids!

WHAT: Pip Squeak A Go Go
WHERE: 330 Ritch Street, San Francisco
TICKETS: $10.00 (kids under 1 are FREE!)
FEATURING: kids rock band The Time Outs and The Devil-Ettes!
TIME: 1pm-4:30pm

Pip Squeak A Go Go, a dance party for all ages! Looking for something fun and completely different to do on a weekend afternoon? Then grab the kids and head on down to Pip Squeak A Go Go! The Devil-Ettes, San Francisco's premier 60's style go go dance group, are pleased to bring you a Go Go Dance party for the underage set. Inspired by the 1960's television show "Kiddie A Go Go," The Devil-Ettes offer a new spin on an old classic with music and fun for all ages. Whether you're a kid, or just like to act like one, this is one bash you won't want to miss! The kids dig learning all the lost and forgotten dances of the 1960's and The Devil-Ettes are great at keepin' the kids engaged throughout the day! Featuring the all daddy band The TIME OUTS!

The Damnation Army Store – jewelry and accessories worth sinning for
Pie Dough Productions - Blanket, bibs and burps, oh my! Unique homemade creations including animal-ear hats and clothing for toddlers.
Ka Nani Essentials - soap bars, liquid soaps, lotions and scrubs & NEW this year Candles created by Soy4me. All of Ka Nani Essentials bath and body products are hand made with natural and organic ingredients.
Rock The Crib - punk rock kids t-shirts
Beebalou – jewelry and art and plastic kitsch divine
Mama Cow - wear-able art made with new and recycled materials - monsters, birdies, skulls, monkeys and more.
Tucky Mama – uber groovy bags for hip mama's
WilloToons - geek meets rock 'n roll!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Intentionally Clean

This last month we have been busy finalizing a new product line called Intentionally Clean

This product line was designed using an ancient Hawaiian Healing method Ho'oponopono as well as some other alternative healing methods.

This product line helps those who INTEND to live a life where one takes 100% responsibility for everything in their life and to keep one mindful of constantly cleaning their world.

The items that are provided reminds as well as helps clear and clean one's spirit/energy and body.

The tools are fun, unique and easy to fall in love when they are used.

I invite you to take a look at our first ever video made to explain the product line and how you too can become Intentionally Clean!!

Here is the video:

Are You Intentionally Clean?

I invite you to come watch the video and help us Celebrate our latest Intention!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Beauty Secret of The Month for July.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. – George Carlin - In Loving Memory.

This month's Beauty Secret is an exercise in providing you with 50 Top Reasons Why you should have Natural Ka Nani Essentials or translated - Natural Beauty Essentials.

Ka Nani Essentials is a Bath and Body Company that makes their products by hand from natural and organic ingredients. Here are 50 Reasons to Go Ka Nani - Naturally!! So without further ado - here goes........

Why Ka Nani Essentials - Top 50 Reasons

50. It's foundation is built upon Integrity and finding the answers.

49. Honors Freedom, Creativeness and Individual Choices.

48. Supports two girls in providing a great start to life when they are ready.

47. Promotes and Celebrates Natural not artificial Beauty.

46. Puts taking care of yourself BACK into your hands.

45. Always tested on Humans rather than animals.

44. Gives four children the opportunity to have their parent available to them through-out the day.

43. Gives FREE tips and information.

42. Is trust-worthy - always follows through on their word.

41. Promotes being happy with who you are and celebrates the uniqueness in EVERYONE!

40. Is used in Local Chiropractor Offices.

39. Customers usually come back for more.

38. Takes great pride in their products and work.

37. Has GREAT moisturizing properties.

36. Is a mom-owned business and helps support two families.

35. Supports local communities and businesses.

34. Helps other small businesses.

33. Allows for artistic creativity.

32. Amazing and Exotic aromas available.

31. Order process is simple with easy to follow customization processes.

30. Promotes taking care of Spiritual Beauty as well as Physical Beauty.

29. Is really 'Kid Tested - Mother approved!'

28. Works hard to fulfill ANY request.

27. Really CAN match ANY Bathroom Theme you may have.

26. Is a company that REALLY listens to their customers.

25. Made In the U.S.A. by supplies and ingredients grown and made in the U.S.A.

24. Has no harsh detergents or chemicals in their products.

23. Strives to continually improve to remain Environmentally responsible.

22. Offers sincere Gratitude for customers, friends and supporters.

21. Is Safe for Children.

20. Has fast and efficient delivery.

19. Works to support healthy self image for everyone.

18. Gives to charities and other organizations that support children, animals and the environment.

17. Has a product for every budget.

16. Offers healthy choices.

15. It's products are based on extensive re-search.

14. Always gives samples and other goodies with EVERY order.

13. Designed to bring Naturalness to every home.

12. Is Fun.

11. All products are environmentally friendly.

10. Helps promote health.

9. Constantly tries to treat all customers as they themselves would like to be treated.

8. Allows the customer to get creative.

7. Helps to support children and other 'Mom businesses.'

6. Provides unique one of a kind creations.

5. Delivers ways to save ALL customers money.

4. Offers Aromatherapy in every product.

3. Makes living healthy EASY and AFFORDABLE.

2. Provides IMMEDIATE relief for a lot of skin conditions.

1. You can pronounce ALL ingredients on our labels!

And there you have it. If any one asks - now you have 50 reasons to support your decision to buy our Natural and Healthy Products!!

Feel free to share with anyone you wish :D

Until next month - Feel GREAT About Your Beauty - Naturally!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Preview of Things To Come

I have been busy putting together a new product line - here are a few little 'taste teasers' for you!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


My post this week is going to break away from the normal 'business'.

This week has been a long week of endings. It has been one of joyful celebrations and really sad goodbyes because some extended family members are saying good-bye - for this week is the beginning of our solo flight on our 'Magic Carpet'.

How did we get here? Well it all began.......

Monday June 13, 2005 - In the early evening hours, I heard my second daughter's cry for the very first time. It was a healthy cry - one that brought a huge sigh of relief and tears to my eyes. (My first daughter had died in the hospital) Over the days and weeks that ensued this cry would mark the beginning of motherhood for me and the long forgotten - and sometimes mis-sung Mother Goose song....."Oh Dear, What can the Matter be - Oh Dear......"

In the beginning for me it was so very hard to tell my little one's cries apart. They all sounded the same.....LOUD, DEMANDING and PAINFUL. I tried everything and nothing felt like it was working - nothing 'Normal' anyways....The only time she would really sleep for any length of time was when she was laying on me or by me on a pillow.

It seemed to be that the only time she was contented was when she was in motion or in my arms.......long stroller walks and car rides were the ticket. But when they stopped - she would awake. I used to joke that my little one was born with a sense for velocity!!! When the speed in the car lessened she would wake up to wail. Driving between stop lights really was an emotional roller coaster! She would cry when I stopped and stop when I started again. Rocking chairs were a no, no and I quickly developed a five point jiggle!! Comical relief when I look back now :D The five point jiggle consisted of swinging side to side none to lightly mind you! Arms bouncing up and down all the while one hand patting her bottom gently but not too gently and singing! Foot tapping and dancing sometimes where optional but always greatly encouraged by her. Thankfully when my little one grew a bit - a swing that was low to the ground operated on batteries became the ticket along with an aquarium bouncy seat that vibrated - with soft bubbling water noises - this tired mother's arms finally got a wee bit of a rest.

The happy motherhood picture that I had before I gave birth had disappeared and I was left wondering..."Where on EARTH did I go wrong - what am I NOT doing?!!" By the time my little peanut was about 3 months old and onward. She was finally able to sleep on her own - (for daytime naps only) - I would tip-toe in to check on her and tiptoe back to melt into the coach - only to frantically run back in five minutes later to her screaming like someone had just pinched her or cut off her leg!! It would take 30 minutes to an hour to calm her down and in my mother heart I knew that something was just not right.

She HATED being on her tummy and try as she might she couldn't sit up on her own...this one has abs of steel for certain!!! Laying on her back she would do these mini crunches raising her head to try and look across the room. Although she did love to be propped up or placed in her swing so she could survey her kingdom!! Any attempts by dad to pick her up were met with intense screaming and must have been a horrendous feeling for him for her to be so unhappy in his arms.

Those around me thought and often told me that I was just a first time mom - who needed to relax and let her "work it out". But those cries would only become more intense and loud when I attempted to do so. It just didn't feel right to my mother heart to withhold the comfort that I knew I could instantly give. By the time my little one was 8 months old - I knew I needed help.

A little before 1 yrs of age - we started receiving Early Intervention therapy for 'lil peanut' and was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder or Sensory Integration Disorder as it is now called with mild Hypotonia or Hypertonia(low muscle tone) and mild developmental delays.

New things started popping up as well - loud noises, blenders, vacuums, garbage disposals and other 'startling' types noises especially a knock on the door would send her into a screaming, frightened fit that would take 20 minutes or more to calm her. Certain groups of people were NOT tolerated and I had a permanent leach!! (Or so I thought!)

With various therapies - it didn't seem to take right away and I felt those words coming back that maybe - just maybe it was all just me. Until we met our first occupational therapist 'Cindy'. Suddenly things started to make sense and the great black exercise ball was introduced. Although it was meant for something entirely different - the therapy ball quickly became my best and dearest friend :D Therapy balls or exercise balls are used to help roll and gently bounce the child on to help them get acquainted with body awareness and to develop various muscle control. Although my lil one didn't tolerate that at all - she did love it when I would get on the ball and bounce with her in my arms. From there on out until she was almost two - to get her to sleep at night - she and I would climb onto this monstrous black ball and I would start to sing lullabies if I didn't know the words I made them up!! I would bounce on it until she fell asleep - usually between 45 minutes to 2 hours after starting to bounce. Getting off was quite the challenge - but we did it and it worked wonders.....both for her and me!! I now have legs of steel! :D

Sitting up finally kicked in about a year and wow was she ever proud of herself. I began watching another little guy and after several months of hellish "boot camp" between my little one's needs and getting acquainted with another bright, but very different and very peaceful little little one finally had a playmate. They are the best of buds today and become highly upset when they can't give hugs and kisses to each other at the end of the day. They are also devilishly cute cohorts in getting into all sorts of mischief!! :D Little guy cried the other day all the way home cause he didn't get to hug his "ina"

Still highly frustrated about not being able to get her body to do what her intensely brilliant mind wanted to do - we slowly but surely progressed!! Eventually speech therapy kicked in and new tools were introduced that she was able to learn and use once her 'fear factor' was abated her level of frustration dropped again. Boy was she proud of herself!! :D

We were introduced to a new Occupational Therapist and after awhile things started again to blossom and improve. Her severe 'stranger anxiety' was still in high gear and I felt liked I was doomed to having a permanent leg growth!!! I couldn't be but an arms length away from her at any one time.

About this time I was introduced to a powerful yet soul stirring movie "The Secret" which changed my life completely. Giving me a new way to view the world, my life and everything in it. Being my true self - I went to researching and learning everything I could about this movie - the "Teachers" and the message of "You can have, be, do ANYTHING you want." And in this research is where I came across Ho'oponopono the ancient Hawaiian way to heal anything in your life. It wasn't really until Christmas of this last year when I bought and read the book "Zero Limits" by Joe Vitale that things in my life really began to change.

In the second half of lil ones 2nd year of life - I started my own business. Not being able to work a 'traditional' out of the home job because of my little one's needs I began looking for alternative ways to help support my family. I had been working with another person in their 'craft business' - and being my true self I quickly learned and started playing around with my own creations......Bath and Body - I didn't do the candle part because I couldn't be that involved. After a few months the business re-organized and there wasn't a place for my products anymore - so......I started my own!! With the previous business and office management type skills that I had acquired through the years along with my 10+ years of studying of herbs, alternative therapies and such - I felt confident in doing so.

Boy have I grown - right along side my lil one! :D The one thing that I have constantly been amazed at in watching my little one grow is her PERSEVERANCE! With her challenges it has been sometimes extremely painful to watch her fail and try again - but she does so with a smile on her face most times and when not - we work through the tears and try again. She always wants to try again! What a lesson for me!!

I can never again complain when something goes awry in my life because when I start to feel down and like giving up the picture of my little one trying to sit or stand or ride a little tricycle, or a myriad of things that has been extremely difficult for her enters my head and I remember......TRY AGAIN.

So here we are the last day of therapy before we take flight on our own. Everyone is so confident and proud of how much she and I have grown. How much better we are at handling the challenges that come our way. The tools and tricks that we have learned, the steps we have taken have all woven together to create a magic carpet that we can now ride on. And we are sad because they have become a part of our family.

But even with this magic carpet under us - I know there will be difficult days ahead. Days when wind turbulents will hit us and give us a bumpy ride. But the two things I know are this......

One door has closed - another one has already opened (Hippo Therapy or Horse Therapy) and more doors will open when we find them. The Universe has time and time again provided for me just when I needed it the most - the only difference is now my eyes are open to that fact and I am GRATEFUL!!

And The ONE thing that will always bring us back to this magic carpet starts with........


Happy Birthday - Sweet 1!! Thank You for coming into my life and teaching me how sweet life can be even with challenges! May you always be the shining light I know you are. I am so honored that you choose me to be your Mother.

I Love You
I am so Sorry
Please Forgive Me
Thank YOU
God Bless

Monday, June 9, 2008

THIS JUST IN.........

Blazing HOT NEW CLUB has just opened!! Graciously hosted by Ka Nani Essentials CLUB SCRUB is now open for business!

For just $.40 a day you can have the Natural Cleaning Power of Ka Nani Essentials available to you every day!!

To get all the details go check out our CLUB at:


Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to have natural cleaning on your side!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's Your Sigh? - Beauty Secret of the Month

This last month I had the pleasure of being introduced to a new friend referred by someone who I wrote about last month Aimee Rousseau.

Suzanne Burns - is a dedicated practitioner of Ho'oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian Healing Method of bringing more love into your life by being 100% responsible. She is a jewelery designer extra-ordinaire who was inspired to create a "shortcut" - a beautiful, easy and effortless way for your to achieve this process. - Joe Vitale.

She is also the Owner and Designer of Reflect Youth and Reflect NuSkin.

Her works were recently advertised in Richard Branson's Virgin America's Press Release and she has been interviewed in nationally syndicated radio show and featured in several best selling books, such as Zero Limits, Inspired Marketing, and soon to be released..........Green Sex. She has compassion for animals and supports various charities such as The Animal Rescue Site and The ASPCA

In getting to know Suzanne I was reminded and remembered why I started my business and I am grateful to her for her kind words and helping me to 'remember'. I have stepped away from my normal style of writing this month's Beauty Secret to bring you the 'interview' style of getting to know Suzanne Burns. I am absolutely thrilled to bring you her message and I am honored to have her in this month's newsletter. So here we go!!

Hello again Suzanne,

I was back at your site Intentional Treasures this morning browsing around. I just am drawn to the playfulness of some of your jewelry descriptions.

I'm so happy to hear that. You're the first person who has told me so. :-) So thank you!

Monday I was making an order for a customer and I was using Ho'oponopono as I made my lotion - so I will be interested to hear the outcome :D

Yes, me too!

1. How long have you been doing Intentional Treasures?

Since July 2007

2. Can you tell us briefly about the moment you knew that Intentional Treasures was to be built?

It really was a natural and subtle progression of events that took place. I was attending a workshop that I helped plan and organize for Joe Vitale (featured teacher in the hit movie "The Secret" (
The name of the event was: Beyond Manifestation (
Joe started the event by sharing some compelling stories with our group, that had just recently happened to him. He told everyone about his new favorite technique he learned on how we can overcome obstacles. The Eraser Technique, is a cleaning method that the ancient Hawaiian philosophy of Ho'oponopono teaches. (More about Ho'oponopono can be
found at:

While he was talking, I immediately felt inspired to create a beautiful cleaning eraser wand with Swarovski crystals. Not knowing how I was going to go about doing this, I simply put in my request to the Universe to assist me with my desire to create something magical. Several months later I met an artist who said she could create this item for me and she did! I have been an inventor full of ideas all my life but this is the very first product that went from my heart to being manifested in 3-D! I couldn't believe it! The fact that I can have an idea and end up with a finished product based on thought alone, tickles me pink and I've gone on to create and design entire lines of products since then and the ideas just keep on coming! I've never had so much fun creating before!

3. Why is Intentional Treasures your soul work?

Because it was completely INSPIRED. I didn't plan on this or know that it was around the corner! In the beginning, I was only thinking about creating a cleaning wand and little did I know that one thing would lead to another and I would end up with a very fitting name and an entire website filled with wonderful things that would move and inspire me and every one else! :-)

4. What process works well for you to balance all your jobs?

I live 100% in the moment. I ONLY focus on the task at hand. I do not think about all of my various businesses (currently I have 4), combined with everything that I am responsible for in my personal life. I find that when we breathe, relax, trust and let go, everything gets done! Truly!

And another yourself enough to ask for help and delegate....every chance you get!
When you ask with love, you'll find that people give way beyond what was originally requested. It's a beautiful process.

5. What Inspired Thought can you leave with us today?

Breathe love into everything you do. My favorite question I ask myself at the end of the day is: "Are you satisfied?" It doesn't matter how much stuff you got done on your To-Do list that day -- the most important thing is the emotion of joy and satisfaction you carry with you in every moment. Considering that life is nothing more than a series of moments, don't you owe it to yourself to live
in this moment?

I have been given such an amazing opportunity to speak to hundreds of people per day. I often hear stories from people who are unhappy and are looking to find ways that they can go from being broke to abundant. They claim that they have tried every book, tried several businesses, started new jobs, or new relationships, etc. and yet, still, nothing works. They are still struggling and unhappy.

Based on my own personal journey and experience in life, I have discovered that one of the Secrets of Life is to face the things that cause you to sigh. That's right, whatever you sigh about, write it down. Why? Because we are so used to carrying our baggage around with us that we don't realize just how heavy our burdens are! We don't even realize that there are certain parts of our life that we are completely unsatisfied with and we've learned to adapt to the situation, instead of mastering it!

Writing down what you're sighing about helps you to SEE everything that is causing the energetic blocks in your life. It helps you to see what is in your way so you can start pecking away at your sigh list (5 minutes at a time is all it takes - truly!) and before you know it, the "task" is done and off your list!

Do you even know what it means when the body releases a sigh? Our kidneys store our sadness and when we sigh, it is the body's way of trying to release this excess energy of sadness that has built up. So maybe you have things that you feel are impossible to overcome. Go ahead and write that down too (because it's also important for you to see and appreciate where your own limiting beliefs are that hold you back) -- for nothing is impossible! You might be feeling overwhelmed that you have 60 pounds to lose,or whatever.

Have you ever lost a single pound before? In case you have, the good news is that you already know how to do it! If you can do it once, you can do it 60 more times and before you know it, you can scratch that sigh off your list!

I know what is going on in your mind....."Hey Suzanne, it's not as easy as you think to lose weight!" I agree. That is exactly the problem. THINKING. Can I let you in on another one of life's secrets? I heard an author once say that we are always just one thought away from feeling good again. Feeling good begins in the mind.

One of my greatest secrets of success is to allow yourself to temporarily "forget" what your desires are. Plant as many seeds around you as you can and then let nature step in and do its thing. I love to take all the ideas I get and scatter the seeds about, so to speak. I don't worry "how" the ideas will come about, I simply trust that they will (and they DO!) all in their own good time. So, what would happen if you were to allow yourslef the ability to temporarily "forget" that you had to lose weight, or quit smoking or something else?

The reason why losing weight is hard is because we are thinking about it all the time! We're counting calories,thinking about what we can eat for dinner later, counting the total number of snacks and fat grams. We've had, deciding whether today is a cardio day or a weight lifting day, etc.......

But what if.....what if we did it a little differently? What if we accept the fact that everything we've done up 'til now either isn't working or it's been hard and we allow ourselves the space to do things differently? What if we only stepped on the scale once a month and in the meantime we decided to LOVE ourselves and love life now? What if we were to toss all of our plans out the window and do something practically unheard of, such as inspired eating? Inspired eating?? What's that you ask? My dear Goddess friend, Mathes Jones wrote a fantastic book on the subject called: The No Struggle Plan ( It's a wonderful read and I encourage you to check it out!

So what does inspired eating look like? What if we drink our water, eat our healthy foods and snacks out of want to rather than have to? What if we take our dogs or our kids to the park for a refreshing and brisk walk, daily, only to soon find out that these wonderful new habits supports our body in the most rejuvenating ways ever? When we don't obsess about something, we keep the energy channels open and flowing smoothly and that's when REAL change starts to take place. Not only will you see changes with physical issues but with your relationships, money, etc.

See how easy life can be? You can have anything and everything you want. BUT you have to be willing to work first and play later. Take care of your business and face the things that cause you grief.

Be gentle with yourself and take your time. Do it with love and do it with courage and then the most important part, BE SURE to celebrate your efforts with play! A little bit of work followed by a little bit of play goes a long, long way!

Suzanne - THANK you so much for allowing this opportunity!!!

THANK YOU MISS LAURA -- Right back at you! Was SOoooooooooooooo much FUN!

Written and reproduced with permission.

So there you have it my friends - this month's Beauty Secret and Newsletter from Ka Nani Essentials

Until next month - "Feel GREAT About Your Beauty - Naturally"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Feeling Good!!

Today as part of this month's 'Honoring Creativity' I would like to deviate from the normal posts and take some time to write about someone who has displayed an awesome model of Honoring Creativity.

Timothy Adams Design of Grand Rapids Michigan is a metal artist who designs items from great sculptures to unique jewelry pendants. Their style brings life to metal that is hip, unique and truly amazing. A must for any modern household and elegant neckline!

Since joining a then little known on-line marketplace called Etsy - whose focus is to provide a place for anyone to make a living making all things handmade, uniting both sellers and buyers. Timothy Adams Design has managed to sell over 805 pieces of metal art.

That alone would keep anyone busy - but Timothy Adams Designs doesn't stop there!!! They have made it a mission to help other un-discovered artists within the community to become seen. They do so in a variety of ways from keeping several blogs and show-casing other sellers on their personal space, to creating blogs specifically designed to allow other sellers to be searched and found all for FREE to those who wish to take them up on their generous offer.

They also have founded and produced a monthly promotional tool "The Handbook To Handmade" a "professional bookstore quality book" that for a modest price an artist can be included to showcase their talents. It is going into it's seventh edition.

Whenever I have been in the forums Timothy Adams Designs has always been very helpful to other Artists who have had questions or needed guidance in becoming the best that they can be.

So today, I would like to celebrate Timothy Adams Designs who not only Honors the Creativity within themselves by creating outstanding Artistic Metals - but who consistently and constantly helps others to find their creativity, and who lends a helping hand to help others 'Honor their Creativity'. THANK YOU!!

Below is just a sample of Timothy Adams Designs work.

Please join me in celebrating someone who Honors Creativity by clicking on any of the pictures or links below to visit their site.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

How To Honor Your Creativity

In this month's Beauty Secret we talked about Honoring and being Loyal to our Creativity! Today I would like to expand on how we might HONOR our creativity.

Honoring our creations can be as simple as appreciating how our item looks, or it can be complex as loving our items even when it seems like no one else does.

It means to me that we charge fairly for our work and that we include in our prices our precious time, knowledge and talent. Tweaking our prices can and should acceptable to us. But under no circumstances should we de-value our creations just to make a dollar or to get people to buy from us instead of our competition.

Not that competition is a 'evil' thing. Healthy competition can gently nudge us to greater and better creativity. Un-healthy competition is when we let jealousy take over because it SEEMS that someone else is getting more business at the time.

I can not STRESS ENOUGH - that there is PLENTY to go around :) Really!!! Business like everything else comes in cycles. You just have to find that rhythm and learn the cycles and make them work for you!!

Honoring our creations ultimately means that we honor ourselves - because after all that is where all our creations come from.....our TRUE selves!!

Thanks for stopping by and here is to HONORING all everyone's creations!! :D

Feel free to leave a comment on your ideas on what is means to honor your creativity!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ka Nani Essentials Beauty Secret Of The Month

Every month Ka Nani Essentials has tried to publish a 'Beauty Secret' whether it be by newsletter, blog post or on the website. I think going forward it will be posted here, on our company blog and I will post a link to here every month in the newsletter.

So, with that being said, here goes Ka Nani Essentials May's Beauty Secret. We have discussed in the the past about how we feel and think affects our beauty. This month I would like to continue in that theme and talk about CREATIVITY!!

My Talents Are Unique And Valuable!

"Believe in yourself as a unique, integral part of the world with a flair all your own! Look inside yourself, feel the empowerment of living up to your potential. Possibilities are limitless! Take intimate time to fearlessly dis-cover your own talents. Allow yourself to awaken to the music, laughter and mystery within you. Honor your talents and share your self with the universe. You are amazing, talented, passionate and free!"

Lately my ear has been filled with various people's thoughts on the economic environment and what that means to artists etc. So now after much pondering on the subject I will now disclose my thoughts. (These are only my thoughts and in no way is it implied that you have to feel this way too!!)

I believe that especially in hard times that it is important to remember that ................YOU ARE CREATION.

We as human beings are very creative and have survived since perhaps caveman days (depending upon how you think!). We have survived floods, stampedes, avalanches, you name it!! Yes, it is very important to remember that many have not survived such disasters and it is very sad when one does not survive.

But on the whole we have survived and we have done so creatively!! Even in the toughest of economic times, there was creation and from that creation came change!!

Creativity is very important. Without creativity, we would not have light, cars, or any of a myriad of things that we take for granted today!!

So how does creativity effect your beauty??? Creativity affects your soul and your soul creates!!!! (Read that again!!) CREATIVITY AFFECTS YOUR SOUL!! When you take your idea and put it into a tangible item - what happens?? You are complete, you are at peace, you are satisfied, when you have brought to form your soul's creation - YOU ARE ALIVE!!! And you can't stop beaming from ear to ear! Just like someone who has given birth :D

Creation doesn't have to be a whole brand new idea, it is OUR SPIN on something that already exists or a whole new idea. It is in the process of change and upheaval when creativity is at it's heights!!!

I believe that we are on the edge of a creative era again. Honestly, if you follow History, when the world has experienced great change and upheaval; is also when we have witnessed amazing inventions(products of a person or groups creation). During my generation(start of anyway) our country was in an upheaval as we were fighting a war in Vietnam. We were in turmoil, we were in a period of change. And guess what we did in 1969?? As a country(a group) we created a machine that would catapult humans into outer space and we walked on another planet!!

(Yes, someone else thought of it first, yes someone else tried it.) But WE DID IT!!!!

So my answer to all the naysayers and economic doom sayers is this: I'm having a PARTY!!! I am CELEBRATING as I'm looking to the horizon because I can feel the creation boiling and watch out world it's going to be a glorious one and I am EXCITED because I AM a part of it all!!

So this month's Beauty Secret is this: When you HONOR your creativity, your body honors you with more relaxation, more joy, more happiness and more health. When you remain LOYAL to your creativity the whole world benefits!!

Until next month - 'Feel GREAT About Your Beauty' Naturally!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Ka Nani Essentials Signature and Original Soap Design - Copyrighted 2007-2008

Today I want to speak about creativity and what it means.

The definition of creativity: "Creativity is the ability to think up and design new inventions, produce works of art, solve problems in new ways, or develop an idea based on an original, novel, or unconventional approach."

Each person is endowed with creativity. Some may know it and share it with the world, others may know it and engage in it just for their personal enjoyment. Others may just plain feel like they don't have it. BUT EVERY person has it.

It then becomes our job to develop our creativity. We can do it in the following ways:

"1. To use or follow as a model.
1. To copy the actions, appearance, mannerisms, or speech of; mimic: amused friends by imitating the teachers.
2. To copy or use the style of: brushwork that imitates Rembrandt.
3. To copy exactly; reproduce.
4. To appear like; resemble."

The dilemma of developing our creativity is not to do exactly what someone else does, but to try your own spin.

For example in my line of work - there are a myriads of people who can follow a recipe and pour into molds or make interesting creations. But what makes each person or store unique is their understanding of the materials they use and their creativeness which includes shapes, colors etc.

Where one can get into trouble is when they 'mimic' for their own personal gain. It shows a side of that person who sees someone else's success and instead of being joyful and happy for that person, jealousy sets in and the person exactly copies your work and then sells it at a significantly lower price to undercut you. Big marketers and corporations do this all the time. Is it ethical? NO!! Is it a good practice? Not likely.

What appeals to the consumer is variety, the ability to choose!

Be proud of your creativeness!! Use it to boost yourself to success and let others have their creative success. That's what doing your own business is all about!!!

Be LOUD and PROUD with your creativity!! It will show. There is plenty of success and abundance to go around. Celebrate it and celebrate your uniqueness!

***Definitions by***

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Hello Readers, Fans, Favorites and Friends,

It has been a looooong time since I have paid any attention to Ka Nani Essentials' Blog. I apologize as have been re-organizing - starting up new stores like our Etsy Store and Etsy Candles your place for all natural Bath, Body and now Candle Products!!

I hope you enjoy and pardon the mess!!

Will write more tomorrow when things are more settled. Let's talk about creativity!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Been Awhile

I know, I know!! It has been awhile since we have added anything here, and I do apologize!!

Ka Nani Essentials have been busy, bizzy bees this month!!

Ka Nani Essentials has created and launched some unique and very great Bath Collections - some of which you can see in our New Etsy Store on the right.

More information will be made available soon - and will be posted here and in our March newsletter.

But for now - wander our site - view our New Etsy Store and if you have any questions, concerns or just want to get more information - don't hesitate to contact us!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

February's Beauty Tip - The Magical Powers of “I LOVE YOU”

February is the month that we celebrate Valentines Day. Valentine’s Day is based on the most powerful of human emotions. LOVE. In this month’s Beauty Secret we are going to talk a little about LOVE. It’s easy to love someone else, it’s much harder to love oneself. We as human beings tend to be harder on ourselves, than others. We have an idea of what is perfect, what is real, what needs work on, the list goes on. How much easier to look in the mirror and see “I Love You.” No judgments, no criticism, no should’ves, could’ves or would’ves. Just “I Love You in the here in now, I know you are doing your best and I am so excited at the changes you are constantly making to improve yourself.” Easy in practical theory, but much harder to do in actual life. But I can guarantee you, that you doing this every day, or as often as you can remember, you will begin to notice a shift and it will touch on EVERY area of your life. Believe me it works!!

My attention was recently directed to a continuing study done by Masaru Emoto, a creative and visionary Japanese Researcher, on how vibrational energy affects the molecular structure of water. The study gives concrete evidence of how the effect of ‘environment’ changes the structure of water.The study was based on freezing droplets of water introduced to various energies, and then examining them under a dark field microscope that has photographic capabilities.

“It is quite clear that water easily takes on the vibrations and energy of it's environment, whether toxic and polluted or naturally pristine.”


This picture was taken after the words “You Make Me Sick, I Will Kill You” were typed onto a piece of paper and taped to a bottle of water and left over night.

I Love You

This picture was taken after the words “I Love You” were typed onto a piece of paper and taped to a bottle of water and left over night.

Thank You

And finally this picture was taken after the word “Thank You” were typed onto a piece of paper and taped to a bottle of water and left over night.

If we as human beings are made up of 70% of water, I couldn’t help but wonder how these particular phrases affect our very physical beings!! It certainly explains how when someone says I Love You – how that gives us such a warm feeling inside. Or how when we hear “Thank You” we feel feelings of satisfaction! What a treat to ourselves if we can say that every day to our self!

So if you wish to promote beauty in yourself and those around you I think the way is to feel Gratitude and Love not one day of the year……..But EVERY SINGLE DAY for others and your elf!!!

To learn and see more pictures of how environment affects water go here:

Thank you dear Customers, Friends and Subscribers for reading this month’s newsletter.

Until next month……Feel GREAT About Your Beauty Where You Are Today!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hand Made

Oh joy!!! We finally got the taxes done for another year!! Now we can concentrate on other great things going on in Soap Land!!

We came across the unique little (or huge) site depending upon how you look at it!! And of course we made our pledge because our business is built on the concept of handmade!!

Why by handmade? Is a great question and I believe it deserves our attention. I believe that, that is what our Country was founded on and I like the fact that we are getting back to that concept again.

So here is the information and you decide!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Valentines Day Contest

Ka Nani Essentials is having their 1st Contest of the year. To Kick it off right - we are having a Valentines Day Contest for both the Kiddies and the Adults. To view all the details go here:

Contest Details

Come see what Ka Nani Essentials can offer you for Your Sweet Heart this year!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

FREE Tips Every Day!!

Ka Nani Essentials wishes each and everyone a very Happy and Abundant New Year.

Thank you to EVERYONE who made last year a great year.

Ka Nani Essentials is giving back this year with the help of They have placed a iGO GREEN Tip of the day on their website and you can get all the latest up to date information on how to go and stay
GREEN all year for FREE

Tips are updated every day and are random ideas, thoughts and suggestions on how to live and be more environmentally aware.

So check back often and
STOCK up on all your naturally sourced Bath and Body Products TODAY and start FEELING GOOD ABOUT YOUR BEAUTY Tomorrow!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day. - Edith Lovejoy Pierce.

What will you write about? What composition will you compose for your life this year? Everyone of us has the power to create a beautiful life amidst a world of chaos. What will you create?

We at Ka Nani Essentials are excited about the possibilities of this New Year and the creations we have. We Hope that your New Year is filled with abundance and positive changes as well.