Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ka Nani Tweets - Great Soap Talk!

* 07:50 Good morning Twibe - how is everyone this morning? sitting up in bed @ least!! Drnkng Cafe & tryin 2 get rid of a headache :D

* 07:54 @funfelt LOL - u mean the lottery? :D

* 08:01 LOOking @ sony vaio laptops - especially the NS series......if only they were more prominent w/ Window xp!!

* 08:07 @hopealso hello mama :D thanks for sharing your enthusiasm w/the rest of us - we do need it :D

* 08:21 @Foodimentary - HA!! Is that where the term fast food came from? ;0 j/k #

* 08:32 @CCSeed - What an element your blog has today - Frozen ice puddle & the Valley of Fire - interesting & cool!! :D

* 08:32 @CCSeed - or elements I should say ;)

* 08:43 @benjamteal - Had sales this 1st wk of New Year - fulfilled & shipped - not a shabby way 2 start the New year....;D

* 08:46 @Mike_Wesely LOL!!!! While you're at it - pass some this way :D

* 08:51 1st time in mnths I wtchd part of the news..2 keep up 2 date w/on going protests......

* 08:51 I laughed so hrd w/the absurdity of News Cast - & wht sum refer to as 'breaking' news stories....hmmm

* 08:53 @momtohanna - hmmm - that's a great idea!!! May have to implement that 1 for a few things around here :D

* 08:55 @ZnaTrainer Thanks much for the follow :D I look forward to learning from you :D

* 09:00 @momtohanna @ZnaTrainer ah!! I have heard abt the FlyLady :D - I do my own rendition ;)

* 09:09 @sunnygirlsf - LOVING the flower background you have - that is great!! :D

* 09:41 Thinking about ways to promote "Never Give Up" Campaign

* 09:41 RT: Thinking about ways to promote "Never Give Up" Campaign..

* 09:42 oops!!! Still learning the ways of TwitWall!!

* 10:03 ok putting nose 2 grindstone - Yearly Sales Tax Form needs filling out - talk soon :D

* 12:43 yay!!! My numbers match :D

* 18:10 @susanmccool - HURRAY!!! New words are GREAT!!! Congratulations :D

* 18:11 @Feelslikehome - I make natural bath paints - which is just soap - natural colors or organic food coloring mixed in w/a bit of cornstarch...

* 18:12 @Feelslikehome - most x's they are just a hard soap base & colorants or colorings - sometimes they can have wax in them as well......

* 18:14 @susanmccool - it takes a special kind of mom to have a kiddo w/challenges & celebrating all the little things is AWESOME :D

* 18:18 @Feelslikehome - hmmm they should - especially if they are a bath product used by kiddos.....let me see if I can dig some things up 4 u :D

* 18:20 @susanmccool - I can relate.....lil one has SID (Sensory Integration Disorder) 1st 2 yrs a therapist in the home evry day of the wk.....

* 18:30 @Feelslikehome perhaps this will help from AC?

* 18:31 @susanmccool - ahhhh poor lil guy :( Those types of things can be so traumatic......I am very grateful for early intervention w/my lil 1

* 18:33 @Feelslikehome - they are fun to make :D My bath paints are kid tested & mom approved :D Best part w/the natural oils - don't stain!!

* 18:34 @susanmccool - still looking @ several things 4 lil 1 - but best therapy I have done is Horse therapy!! lil one 3 yrs. old cldn't climb...

* 18:36 @susanmccool couldn't climb stairs - had balance issues etc. started horse therapy - 6 mnths later is walking, climbing, jump :D

* 18:40 @Feelslikehome - some local Health Food stores carry organic food coloring now - it is just food coloring that is made frm plants, berries..

* 18:42 for example - an organic red food coloring would be made from currents, strawberries etc. Vs. food coloring is made from chemical dyes...

* 18:44 @susanmccool - that is GREAT!! :D the thought behind horse therapy is such that those with motor delays benefit because horse is broad....

* 18:45 @susanmccool - & so when person is on horse - they actually feel the horses muscles moving which helps to imprint movement in own muscles..

* 18:46 @Feelslikehome - Feel free to send me an e-mail w/questions & perhaps I can help answer them - :D

* 18:46 @Feelslikehome - yes - those will work too!! :D

* 19:24 @Feelslikehome - sorry got side tracked w/ lil 1 ;) The best part is that cleaning them & the bath is easy - it's just soap :D

* 19:36 @Feelslikehome - you could use any bar of soap that you regularly use - just grate it - like w/a cheese grater.....

* 19:37 @Feelslikehome - you can also use baby shampoo - if that is what you use....put a few drops of color in it & let her go - to mk thicker...

* 19:38 @Feelslikehome - then just add a teaspoon @ a time of cornstarch until right consistency.....all soap starts in liquid form..then as cools..

* 19:39 @Feelslikehome - then as fats or oils cool become play around & have fun :D - ok - stepping off my soap box now ;)

* 19:42 @Feelslikehome - yes - a teaspoon @ a time - I would say start out w/ 1/4 Baby Shampoo - 1 teaspoon cornstarch & go from there......

* 19:46 @Feelslikehome - correction 1/4 cup Baby Shampoo - 1 t. problem any x glad 2 help :D ok really stepping off soap box now :D

* 19:49 @Feelslikehome - think I said 1/4th baby shampoo....didn't want 2 confuse....sorry :(

* 19:53 @Feelslikehome - no worries. think I'm getting tired! LOL - stnding on soap boxes can do tht 2 a person ;) don't worry I LOVE doin it!! :D

* 19:55 @andreasmiling - Hey Thanks for the follow :D I look forward to learning from you :D

* 19:57 @Feelslikehome my pleasure - I like 2 help mamas & kiddos - "Clean All Their Dirty Spots - Naturally!" & with fun :D

* 20:01 @TadahMom - Congratulations!!! You should be w/all your Tadah's & Confetti you throw around ;D

* 20:08 @MariSmith - OOOO - it so matches your personality though :D

* 20:21 @MyPreciousKid - I missed THAT Tweet!!! Congratulations mama!!! :D You deserve it!

* 20:32 ALright Tweet & Tweeters - Have an amazing night - am out!! :D

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

HISTORICAL - How you can be too!!

No, the above is not a misspelled word. Today I am going to give you a brief historical view of me (the owner of Ka Nani Essentials) & then I am going to give you an opportunity to be historical as well!!

Did you know that the owner of Ka Nani Essentials was involved in the movie industry for a brief period in the late nineties & early two thousands? Yes it is true. She worked on several big productions & have the paychecks to prove it!!! Productions such as:

1. "Touched By An Angel" - Remember that one? CBS Prime Time I believe.

2. "Cover Me" - FBI agent whose whole family gets involved in fighting crime. Aired on USA.

3. Several big theater movies - "Pool Hall Junkies"..

The list goes on, for a bit. My roles - always a nurse or some medical type person, waitress to name a few. Just have the look for that I guess. Boy did I learn a lot in those days!! It was so fascinating to me & because I was not the pushy "Look at me" Type - I was allowed in places that most people are not. Right on the set w/the crew, actors/actresses! How fun :D

(Don't Worry your chance to be Historical is coming up soon!!)

I also made a lot of friends: Not many autographs - but that's ok - I wasn't there for that. I was there to learn, have fun & meet people. And boy did I!

Which is why I am writing you today......because of time spent in the entertainment world - I met alot of special people, people who had integrity, people who are attempting to make a difference in this field, people who cared, PEOPLE who are still close & dear to my heart!

One such person recently found me on Twitter (See the newest Social Media site does bring results!) :D

Laurence N. Kaldor of Kaliber Films, is an amazing individual who despite huge odds has made a name for himself in the entertainment world. For over 17 years - he has worked in almost every capacity of the industry including as an award-winning producer, actor, writer and editor. Working on projects such as "CSI NY" - (my most favorite show!), "Red Lipstick", & "DayDreamer".

So Mr. Kaldor who has made quite a dent in this crazy sometimes wacky business, but I can attest is one of the most down-to-earth, caring, hugest heart on the planet people I know!! Hasn't let his work go to his head (well too much anyway!!) To read more about him go here:

His latest film "Re-Directing Eddie" is causing quite a stir in the world of giving back and is becoming a household name.

"Redirecting Eddie" is an award winning comedy about love, family, and all that can go wrong for a first time director determined not to "sell out" while fighting to get his movie made. The hilarious cast stars Academy Award nominee Valerie Perrine (Lenny, Superman, Slaughter House Five), Jaid Barrymore, (yeah, Drew's mom), Deirdre Imus (Wife of radio shock-jock Don Imus) and features music by international Pop star Cher, with original music by Dannel Vonn Dillon and Kevin Laurence."

What is absolutely great about this film (This is where you get to be HISTORICAL!!!) is that the proceeds from this movie benefit the Children's Cranial Facial Association (helping kids with Cranial Facial abnormalities) and Stumps R Us (providing amputee support and prosthetics to indigent amputees with those donations ear-marked specifically for amputee children.) "Laurence N. Kaldor, the producer spearheading this charity drive is an amputee and recognizes the significance and importance of every amputee child having a functional prosthetic device."

So my questions to you are these:

1. Do you like Good Entertainment? Entertainment that raises consciousness and communicates uplifting ideals to vast audiences, makes you feel good, movitvates you? If so then you won't regret owning this video visit:

2. Would you like to make a difference in someone's life today - but don't think you have alot to do it with? Then for just a little bit of change you can visit:

I am not making a dime from recommending or promoting "Re-Directing Eddie", I'm just helping a really great friend & simply passing along information, as I know that this might be able to help you establish more faith in the Entertainment Industry - as there are more people out there that are trying to do the right thing than you might realize!!

If you feel the need to help or just want an uplifting story to watch(or know someone who does), please visit

Thank you to all my friends & fans that read this & help or not I know that you will do the right thing by passing this on to someone else who might enjoy it! :D

Ka Nani Essentials

PS - If you really would like to help & just don't have it right now - Please contact me anyway as I have an EXTRA SPECIAL WAY that you can own this DVD & help out at the same time for a limited time only.

Ka Nani Tweets - January 06

Good Morning to all!! As we get into this a bit more - things will be refined but for now will try to have our Tweets available on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays. Enjoy!!

* 08:39 Good morning Twit World!! I am off to the wilds of horse country to continue my lil one's adventurous riding!! I ♥ Mondays!!! :D

* 19:54 Long day today - just got back from horse riding...will post pics tomorrow.

* 19:54 Thanks to ALL who pushed their buttons & started following me :D It is much appreciated - I will catch up tomorrow.....

* 19:56 @Phenix7d7d - hey maybe that's what I need!! A cup - o - joe ;)

* 20:16 @guykawasaki - I wonder how many of us have a laser sittting around with a few drops of heavy isotope hydrogen? :D

* 06:17 Good Morning - One & All - here's 2 another day......gotta get more coffee ;)

* 06:20 @CCSeed - Great digestable thoughts for the day!! Not too heavy - but not too light - I like it - Thanks for sharing :D

* 06:24 @LilPecan - They wanna feel specials??? Me- I am afraid of DM's right now!! ;D

* 06:28 @Darrellmcnish - hmmm - that sounds divine!!

* 06:30 @KatjaPresnal - HAA lucky you - I had not heard that term before - but I LIKE it Man Plan!!!

* 06:37 @HankEdson - Thanks much for the follow - it is always GREAT to meet the natives of ones area :D

* 06:46 Ka Nani Tweet of the day -Things are pretty, graceful, rich, elegant, handsome, but, until they speak to the imagination, not yet beautiful.

* 06:47 @Bloggeries - Adventure - am moving away frm Security - more & more :D

* 06:49 RT @barefoot_exec GET OVER worrying about WHAT peeps think 'about' you - just make sure they ARE thinking about you!! Nice!!

* 06:51 Quote today brought to you by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Have A Great Day All - Will pop in later!

* 06:58 - Why I am in LOVE w/Mondays :D

* 06:59 @Phenix7d7d - most certainly will :D here is why I am in love w/Mondays ;) - pretty brave if you ask me :D

* 07:05 @KristenArnold - I wonder how people can do business like that?? Sometimes I think it is a fake message LOL!!

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ka Nani Tweets

Good Morning All,

While we are waiting for Blogger to catch up with Twitter - this year you can follow what Ka Nani Essentials is doing 3 times per week by coming to our blog & reading our activities. Or by stopping by & following us right on Twitter

Don't be surprised, do laugh at, & DO check in regularly as there will be specials & other things that are only announced on Twitter or our newsletter. So if you wish to stay in the KNOW this year concerning Natural Bathing, Body & Spirit Care - this is the place to bookmark!!

SO without further ado - here is Wednesday's post of Ka Nani Tweets:

* 09:19 @TheAltruistic Good Morning & Thanks much for the invite & follow :D I look forward to getting to know you!!

* 09:21 I wish to say A Very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends across the Pond as I am sure that it is that time over there!! :D

* 09:22 Hey!! Does anyone realize that THIS 2009 is that LAST single digit year for quite some years - another decade perhaps?

* 09:24 @JulieFBT - Great ideas!!! For those of us who have to stay home because of little ones!! :D

* 09:26 Welcome to all my latest followers!! holy kaw!! You have been pouring in & I wish to say THANKS for finding me :D

* 09:28 @ctwebsites - perhaps some seeds would help? :D

* 09:29 @JamiMiami - I'm in!!! Meet ya there ;)

* 09:47 @alphamusic Thank You Much & May Yours Be Blessed as well :D

* 15:11 so excited to start writing my book tomorrow :D

* 20:07 @KyNamDoan - here @ home with lil one in Alameda :D #

* 20:09 Happy New Year - all RT @KyNamDoan - Don't forget to forget to thank your designated drivers tonight!! :D #

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