Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Giving An Inch-Guide For Giving At Holiday Seasons

This month Ka Nani Essentials is preparing for the Holidays - that time of year when people are looking for unique ways to express their gratitude, devotion & other emotions that come with wanting to give a gift. Even the "I have to because she is my mother-in-law, co-worker, boss etc. because they gave me something!" :D

It brought to mind all the different challenges that Ka Nani Essentials has faced this year in creating more money & how we were able to overcome them by changing how we thought. And what must be going through people's mind this year as they get ready for this Holiday Season as well. Holiday Seasons always tend to bring people to think about donating to those less fortunate especially Christmas Time.

Now one of Ka Nani Essentials core values or beliefs is this - that giving should not be a once a year focal point - rather that in giving whether it is at holiday times, special times, or whatever time; whether it be for loved ones, friends, acquaintances, or even yourself. It is the act of giving that allows for growth of one's self. It is NOT the price tag & it is not the gift.....when one truly gives from their heart believing they are helping, cheering up, or just being a friend to someone else - THAT IS THE TRUE GIFT!!

So whether you spend a lot or a little this year for Holiday giving, whether it is from Ka Nani Essentials or some other store.......take a moment to lovingly caress your gifts with your warmest thoughts & wishes for the person it is going to - you will be surprised what it does for them & you!!

Ok - now on to the giving part! I believe that society today in part feels like that one can not give with out having money or time. So it becomes this vicious circle of "I don't have much to give, I have to take care of my family, Times are bad, I don't have time."
While the little GREEN piece of paper certainly makes it possible to give & do more, & while having time to spare is very nice.....I don't buy into this philosophy as much. And here is the reason why....

Did you know that aside from money & time there are myriad of ways to give? Let's go through a little list.....

1. MONEY - there are many organizations that collect this way & then use the $$$ to get whatever it is that they need for whomever they help. Look up any charity & they accept $$$$, monthly donations, Estates, Wills etc.

2. TIME - There are definitely a number of organizations that can use extra helping hands from Office type work to inventory to just listening to the people that these organizations help. This works especially well for those who may have just retired & have found some more time on their hands. Moms whose children are in school....even those who maybe just got laid off. That last one may not sit so well with some - but I know a few individuals who have done this & have ended up with a job earning money!!! It also means scheduling time from your busy schedule for your children! Even if it is just an hour at the park...this is sooo important! This is this BEST ROI (Return on Investment) you can achieve!!
Here is a starting point for volunteering: One Brick and for those who like to travel a bit: Cross Cultural Solutions

3. ITEMS - Organizations are ALWAYS looking for the day to day things that help keep them & the people they serve running. Going through your items that you don't use any more before you run them out to the curb for garbage pick-up - think about places you could drop them off instead!! EVEN IF THEY ARE BROKEN.....there are some organizations that can use those broken printers, computers, cell phones or other appliances. It can be as simple as this:
or this: Used Toys
or as complicated as this: Automobiles

4. PERSONAL ITEMS - This does not take much & adds up quickly!!! When you are out shopping for toothpaste, feminine items, shampoo, soap, deodorant, garbage bags, sandwich baggies etc. Pick up up one extra - will usually run you $2.00 to $5.00 more. Save the extra one you picked up & drop it off at your nearest homeless shelter, USO Office, AFG, or other local charity.

One can not begin to understand the impact this has unless they have been in a similar situation of either being out in the field, homeless or otherwise challenged. The act of being able to brush your teeth when you are mired in mud, if you are a solider, or wash your face if you are homeless does wonders for morale!! Baggies help to keep these little items together & what I wouldn't have done for a few extra garbage bags when I was out on deployment!!!

5. INCHES - YES now days you can even donate in inches!!! There are a few organizations out there that help bring self esteem back to boys, girls,women & probably men too, that have lost hair due to some medical condition. Be it cancer, rare illness or disease or accident by offering wigs & other hair replacements. Some are more of an ecological nature & collect hair to help the environment by helping to clean up oil & other hazardous spills! Most salons that participate give the hair cut, style etc. for free so make sure to ask!! Anyone can participate & requirements are usually that hair length is 10 to 12 inches long. Here are a few places to check out when donating in inches: Matter of Trust
Angel Hair For Kids
Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Program

So here are a few ideas for giving this year & all year long in 2009. It does not take alot of money or in some case time. It is just a matter of re-thinking giving!! You will be amazed at how your inner beauty will shine when you give!!

As for me - I chose to give in inches - all 21 inches! Like the new look?
I DO!! :D

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