Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Not What You Think.......

The Holiday of Holidays is speeding towards us. The hustle & bustle, the preparations, the fear.....All is coming to a frenzied point ending on December 24th. Or does it?

Well the preparations probably will end.....but the hustle & bustle, why do we notice it so much at this time of year only & not the rest?? The only answer that I can think of is that this time of year adds additional energy to our already hustle & bustled lives & we tend to notice it more. Competition is higher to have the best Christmas Decorations, the most gifts, the best foods & the most ravishing parties.

Last night I was out with my daughter driving around looking at Christmas Lights - walking down the 'Christmas Lane' in our town. As we were headed home....we saw a group walking down the sidewalk, knocking on doors. Alas!! Christmas Caroling is not dead!!!

Life is busy - but if you take life in THIS moment & then the next moment & so forth, it works itself out.

On my way home the other day from an appointment, I was stopped at a red light as I was waiting I noticed a man walking down the sidewalk - haltingly. As I continued waiting for the light to turn, I continued watching when I noticed this man had no shoes, no socks just bare feet. What could I do about this obvious need, in the middle of an intersection? The light changed, but the man hadn't stopped walking & was crossing in the crosswalk against the light. I didn't hurry him by honking my horn, those behind me were doing that for me. As I watched, I said a silent Ho'oponopono for him & me. I asked the Universe to help this one person in the way that he needed the most. My answer?........

He turned & smiled at me.

Kindness does not need to be a big showy gesture. Sometimes it is a small whisper on the behalf of someone else.

This Holiday Season - with all these energies & emotions running about - Let us remember the true spirit of the season with the littlest acts of kindness.

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