Monday, June 22, 2009

And WHAT are You Up To?

I am sure alot of you have been wondering where we have been lately, as we have been quiet as church mice these last couple of months.

Well, not that we haven't been busy!! In fact a little too busy to be posting on here. So quick grab your whatever and let's catch up!!

Beginning in April - we are working on a couple of top notch presentations and projects some of which have been completed and some we are still negotiating. :D

First in April Ka Nani EssentialsTM was introduced to a new healthy supplement that has made some drastic improvements not only for me but my little one as well. So well in fact that we became the authorized representative for California. If any of you know what 'Super Foods' are and what they can do for you - like Goji Berries, or Mangosteen, Acai Berries, Brown Seaweed etc. well then I have a treat for you!! When you have a minute head on over to our site or click here to eXplore what a liquid extract supplement can do for you!!

May found me scrambling to update the website as there were some security issues to deal with. But everything is safe and secure now with a new look that compliments my passion (hopefully) as well as streamlining some customer customization options when ordering. When you've got a little time head on over to Ka Nani EssentialsTM and let us know what you think of the new design!

May also found us with the opportunity to take a little time and take an interview from 'Looking Green' Magazine a Environmentally Friendly Magazine that covers stories, tips and other friendly ways to support our environment and other such matters. Look for our interview coming this July!

In June while finishing up the website Ka Nani EssentialsTM was contacted by a member of the Overseas Associate of College Admissions Counseling to provide some of our natural products for a conference that they are holding at Chapman University in July. Naturally we said we would help out and are busy preparing to complete that project. To find out more about this and other projects we will be doing head on over to our site Ka Nani Essentials and click on our 'Project' Button up on the top navigation bar.

And of course through all of this we even had time to whip up some new creations!! So look for that COMING SOON!!

Thank you for taking this time to read our news and I hope to hear from you SOON!

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my summer essential is the strap strap eaze to conceal straps cause im always in tank tops during summer