Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ka Nani Essentials Beauty Secret Of The Month

Every month Ka Nani Essentials has tried to publish a 'Beauty Secret' whether it be by newsletter, blog post or on the website. I think going forward it will be posted here, on our company blog and I will post a link to here every month in the newsletter.

So, with that being said, here goes Ka Nani Essentials May's Beauty Secret. We have discussed in the the past about how we feel and think affects our beauty. This month I would like to continue in that theme and talk about CREATIVITY!!

My Talents Are Unique And Valuable!

"Believe in yourself as a unique, integral part of the world with a flair all your own! Look inside yourself, feel the empowerment of living up to your potential. Possibilities are limitless! Take intimate time to fearlessly dis-cover your own talents. Allow yourself to awaken to the music, laughter and mystery within you. Honor your talents and share your self with the universe. You are amazing, talented, passionate and free!"

Lately my ear has been filled with various people's thoughts on the economic environment and what that means to artists etc. So now after much pondering on the subject I will now disclose my thoughts. (These are only my thoughts and in no way is it implied that you have to feel this way too!!)

I believe that especially in hard times that it is important to remember that ................YOU ARE CREATION.

We as human beings are very creative and have survived since perhaps caveman days (depending upon how you think!). We have survived floods, stampedes, avalanches, you name it!! Yes, it is very important to remember that many have not survived such disasters and it is very sad when one does not survive.

But on the whole we have survived and we have done so creatively!! Even in the toughest of economic times, there was creation and from that creation came change!!

Creativity is very important. Without creativity, we would not have light, cars, or any of a myriad of things that we take for granted today!!

So how does creativity effect your beauty??? Creativity affects your soul and your soul creates!!!! (Read that again!!) CREATIVITY AFFECTS YOUR SOUL!! When you take your idea and put it into a tangible item - what happens?? You are complete, you are at peace, you are satisfied, when you have brought to form your soul's creation - YOU ARE ALIVE!!! And you can't stop beaming from ear to ear! Just like someone who has given birth :D

Creation doesn't have to be a whole brand new idea, it is OUR SPIN on something that already exists or a whole new idea. It is in the process of change and upheaval when creativity is at it's heights!!!

I believe that we are on the edge of a creative era again. Honestly, if you follow History, when the world has experienced great change and upheaval; is also when we have witnessed amazing inventions(products of a person or groups creation). During my generation(start of anyway) our country was in an upheaval as we were fighting a war in Vietnam. We were in turmoil, we were in a period of change. And guess what we did in 1969?? As a country(a group) we created a machine that would catapult humans into outer space and we walked on another planet!!

(Yes, someone else thought of it first, yes someone else tried it.) But WE DID IT!!!!

So my answer to all the naysayers and economic doom sayers is this: I'm having a PARTY!!! I am CELEBRATING as I'm looking to the horizon because I can feel the creation boiling and watch out world it's going to be a glorious one and I am EXCITED because I AM a part of it all!!

So this month's Beauty Secret is this: When you HONOR your creativity, your body honors you with more relaxation, more joy, more happiness and more health. When you remain LOYAL to your creativity the whole world benefits!!

Until next month - 'Feel GREAT About Your Beauty' Naturally!!


Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

I so needed to hear that. I feel the same way! Something really wonderful is happening here. There is a rebirth of art going on.
But, yes the negativeness can get to you. I am here and I am doing my art. Don't try and tell me it is not the best time for artists.
I actually, think people search out more precious items at these times. Not willing to spend on just anything.
value yourself & what you create.
wonderful blog, amy

Anam Cara Candles said...

wow what an inspirational blog! what we need to hear in these somewhat overwhelming times. Thank you for inspiring me and reminding me what it means to create!

BeadedTail said...

What a wonderful post! Thanks for the inspiration!

DJ said...

Amen, creativity is always positive energy!

AuntDsHandcrafts said...

I want to join in on your party!

Waterrose said...

Great post!