Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Feeling Good!!

Today as part of this month's 'Honoring Creativity' I would like to deviate from the normal posts and take some time to write about someone who has displayed an awesome model of Honoring Creativity.

Timothy Adams Design of Grand Rapids Michigan is a metal artist who designs items from great sculptures to unique jewelry pendants. Their style brings life to metal that is hip, unique and truly amazing. A must for any modern household and elegant neckline!

Since joining a then little known on-line marketplace called Etsy - whose focus is to provide a place for anyone to make a living making all things handmade, uniting both sellers and buyers. Timothy Adams Design has managed to sell over 805 pieces of metal art.

That alone would keep anyone busy - but Timothy Adams Designs doesn't stop there!!! They have made it a mission to help other un-discovered artists within the community to become seen. They do so in a variety of ways from keeping several blogs and show-casing other sellers on their personal space, to creating blogs specifically designed to allow other sellers to be searched and found all for FREE to those who wish to take them up on their generous offer.

They also have founded and produced a monthly promotional tool "The Handbook To Handmade" a "professional bookstore quality book" that for a modest price an artist can be included to showcase their talents. It is going into it's seventh edition.

Whenever I have been in the forums Timothy Adams Designs has always been very helpful to other Artists who have had questions or needed guidance in becoming the best that they can be.

So today, I would like to celebrate Timothy Adams Designs who not only Honors the Creativity within themselves by creating outstanding Artistic Metals - but who consistently and constantly helps others to find their creativity, and who lends a helping hand to help others 'Honor their Creativity'. THANK YOU!!

Below is just a sample of Timothy Adams Designs work.

Please join me in celebrating someone who Honors Creativity by clicking on any of the pictures or links below to visit their site.


Waterrose said...

What a perfect person to honor. He has been so helpful not only by starting blogs/websites to help shop owners, but also on a one-on-one level by doing blog critiques. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful article on timothy.
thanx for stopping by I'm ading your link

Lisa Julia Photography said...

Very cool!...and your bath products look amazing to check out your etsy!

Parallax Photo said...

a great, and completely deserved, feature!

Lisa Abdul-Quddus said...

Very nice article. Another shop that'll find it's way to my favorites.