Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's Your Sigh? - Beauty Secret of the Month

This last month I had the pleasure of being introduced to a new friend referred by someone who I wrote about last month Aimee Rousseau.

Suzanne Burns - is a dedicated practitioner of Ho'oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian Healing Method of bringing more love into your life by being 100% responsible. She is a jewelery designer extra-ordinaire who was inspired to create a "shortcut" - a beautiful, easy and effortless way for your to achieve this process. - Joe Vitale.

She is also the Owner and Designer of Reflect Youth and Reflect NuSkin.

Her works were recently advertised in Richard Branson's Virgin America's Press Release and she has been interviewed in nationally syndicated radio show and featured in several best selling books, such as Zero Limits, Inspired Marketing, and soon to be released..........Green Sex. She has compassion for animals and supports various charities such as The Animal Rescue Site and The ASPCA

In getting to know Suzanne I was reminded and remembered why I started my business and I am grateful to her for her kind words and helping me to 'remember'. I have stepped away from my normal style of writing this month's Beauty Secret to bring you the 'interview' style of getting to know Suzanne Burns. I am absolutely thrilled to bring you her message and I am honored to have her in this month's newsletter. So here we go!!

Hello again Suzanne,

I was back at your site Intentional Treasures this morning browsing around. I just am drawn to the playfulness of some of your jewelry descriptions.

I'm so happy to hear that. You're the first person who has told me so. :-) So thank you!

Monday I was making an order for a customer and I was using Ho'oponopono as I made my lotion - so I will be interested to hear the outcome :D

Yes, me too!

1. How long have you been doing Intentional Treasures?

Since July 2007

2. Can you tell us briefly about the moment you knew that Intentional Treasures was to be built?

It really was a natural and subtle progression of events that took place. I was attending a workshop that I helped plan and organize for Joe Vitale (featured teacher in the hit movie "The Secret" (
The name of the event was: Beyond Manifestation (
Joe started the event by sharing some compelling stories with our group, that had just recently happened to him. He told everyone about his new favorite technique he learned on how we can overcome obstacles. The Eraser Technique, is a cleaning method that the ancient Hawaiian philosophy of Ho'oponopono teaches. (More about Ho'oponopono can be
found at:

While he was talking, I immediately felt inspired to create a beautiful cleaning eraser wand with Swarovski crystals. Not knowing how I was going to go about doing this, I simply put in my request to the Universe to assist me with my desire to create something magical. Several months later I met an artist who said she could create this item for me and she did! I have been an inventor full of ideas all my life but this is the very first product that went from my heart to being manifested in 3-D! I couldn't believe it! The fact that I can have an idea and end up with a finished product based on thought alone, tickles me pink and I've gone on to create and design entire lines of products since then and the ideas just keep on coming! I've never had so much fun creating before!

3. Why is Intentional Treasures your soul work?

Because it was completely INSPIRED. I didn't plan on this or know that it was around the corner! In the beginning, I was only thinking about creating a cleaning wand and little did I know that one thing would lead to another and I would end up with a very fitting name and an entire website filled with wonderful things that would move and inspire me and every one else! :-)

4. What process works well for you to balance all your jobs?

I live 100% in the moment. I ONLY focus on the task at hand. I do not think about all of my various businesses (currently I have 4), combined with everything that I am responsible for in my personal life. I find that when we breathe, relax, trust and let go, everything gets done! Truly!

And another yourself enough to ask for help and delegate....every chance you get!
When you ask with love, you'll find that people give way beyond what was originally requested. It's a beautiful process.

5. What Inspired Thought can you leave with us today?

Breathe love into everything you do. My favorite question I ask myself at the end of the day is: "Are you satisfied?" It doesn't matter how much stuff you got done on your To-Do list that day -- the most important thing is the emotion of joy and satisfaction you carry with you in every moment. Considering that life is nothing more than a series of moments, don't you owe it to yourself to live
in this moment?

I have been given such an amazing opportunity to speak to hundreds of people per day. I often hear stories from people who are unhappy and are looking to find ways that they can go from being broke to abundant. They claim that they have tried every book, tried several businesses, started new jobs, or new relationships, etc. and yet, still, nothing works. They are still struggling and unhappy.

Based on my own personal journey and experience in life, I have discovered that one of the Secrets of Life is to face the things that cause you to sigh. That's right, whatever you sigh about, write it down. Why? Because we are so used to carrying our baggage around with us that we don't realize just how heavy our burdens are! We don't even realize that there are certain parts of our life that we are completely unsatisfied with and we've learned to adapt to the situation, instead of mastering it!

Writing down what you're sighing about helps you to SEE everything that is causing the energetic blocks in your life. It helps you to see what is in your way so you can start pecking away at your sigh list (5 minutes at a time is all it takes - truly!) and before you know it, the "task" is done and off your list!

Do you even know what it means when the body releases a sigh? Our kidneys store our sadness and when we sigh, it is the body's way of trying to release this excess energy of sadness that has built up. So maybe you have things that you feel are impossible to overcome. Go ahead and write that down too (because it's also important for you to see and appreciate where your own limiting beliefs are that hold you back) -- for nothing is impossible! You might be feeling overwhelmed that you have 60 pounds to lose,or whatever.

Have you ever lost a single pound before? In case you have, the good news is that you already know how to do it! If you can do it once, you can do it 60 more times and before you know it, you can scratch that sigh off your list!

I know what is going on in your mind....."Hey Suzanne, it's not as easy as you think to lose weight!" I agree. That is exactly the problem. THINKING. Can I let you in on another one of life's secrets? I heard an author once say that we are always just one thought away from feeling good again. Feeling good begins in the mind.

One of my greatest secrets of success is to allow yourself to temporarily "forget" what your desires are. Plant as many seeds around you as you can and then let nature step in and do its thing. I love to take all the ideas I get and scatter the seeds about, so to speak. I don't worry "how" the ideas will come about, I simply trust that they will (and they DO!) all in their own good time. So, what would happen if you were to allow yourslef the ability to temporarily "forget" that you had to lose weight, or quit smoking or something else?

The reason why losing weight is hard is because we are thinking about it all the time! We're counting calories,thinking about what we can eat for dinner later, counting the total number of snacks and fat grams. We've had, deciding whether today is a cardio day or a weight lifting day, etc.......

But what if.....what if we did it a little differently? What if we accept the fact that everything we've done up 'til now either isn't working or it's been hard and we allow ourselves the space to do things differently? What if we only stepped on the scale once a month and in the meantime we decided to LOVE ourselves and love life now? What if we were to toss all of our plans out the window and do something practically unheard of, such as inspired eating? Inspired eating?? What's that you ask? My dear Goddess friend, Mathes Jones wrote a fantastic book on the subject called: The No Struggle Plan ( It's a wonderful read and I encourage you to check it out!

So what does inspired eating look like? What if we drink our water, eat our healthy foods and snacks out of want to rather than have to? What if we take our dogs or our kids to the park for a refreshing and brisk walk, daily, only to soon find out that these wonderful new habits supports our body in the most rejuvenating ways ever? When we don't obsess about something, we keep the energy channels open and flowing smoothly and that's when REAL change starts to take place. Not only will you see changes with physical issues but with your relationships, money, etc.

See how easy life can be? You can have anything and everything you want. BUT you have to be willing to work first and play later. Take care of your business and face the things that cause you grief.

Be gentle with yourself and take your time. Do it with love and do it with courage and then the most important part, BE SURE to celebrate your efforts with play! A little bit of work followed by a little bit of play goes a long, long way!

Suzanne - THANK you so much for allowing this opportunity!!!

THANK YOU MISS LAURA -- Right back at you! Was SOoooooooooooooo much FUN!

Written and reproduced with permission.

So there you have it my friends - this month's Beauty Secret and Newsletter from Ka Nani Essentials

Until next month - "Feel GREAT About Your Beauty - Naturally"


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Interesting interview! A little inspiration does go a long way!

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Great interview, and her jewelry is fantastic! Thanks for sharing!