Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ka Nani Tweets - January 06

Good Morning to all!! As we get into this a bit more - things will be refined but for now will try to have our Tweets available on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays. Enjoy!!

* 08:39 Good morning Twit World!! I am off to the wilds of horse country to continue my lil one's adventurous riding!! I ♥ Mondays!!! :D

* 19:54 Long day today - just got back from horse riding...will post pics tomorrow.

* 19:54 Thanks to ALL who pushed their buttons & started following me :D It is much appreciated - I will catch up tomorrow.....

* 19:56 @Phenix7d7d - hey maybe that's what I need!! A cup - o - joe ;)

* 20:16 @guykawasaki - I wonder how many of us have a laser sittting around with a few drops of heavy isotope hydrogen? :D

* 06:17 Good Morning - One & All - here's 2 another day......gotta get more coffee ;)

* 06:20 @CCSeed - Great digestable thoughts for the day!! Not too heavy - but not too light - I like it - Thanks for sharing :D

* 06:24 @LilPecan - They wanna feel specials??? Me- I am afraid of DM's right now!! ;D

* 06:28 @Darrellmcnish - hmmm - that sounds divine!!

* 06:30 @KatjaPresnal - HAA lucky you - I had not heard that term before - but I LIKE it Man Plan!!!

* 06:37 @HankEdson - Thanks much for the follow - it is always GREAT to meet the natives of ones area :D

* 06:46 Ka Nani Tweet of the day -Things are pretty, graceful, rich, elegant, handsome, but, until they speak to the imagination, not yet beautiful.

* 06:47 @Bloggeries - Adventure - am moving away frm Security - more & more :D

* 06:49 RT @barefoot_exec GET OVER worrying about WHAT peeps think 'about' you - just make sure they ARE thinking about you!! Nice!!

* 06:51 Quote today brought to you by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Have A Great Day All - Will pop in later!

* 06:58 twitpic.com/105y4 - Why I am in LOVE w/Mondays :D

* 06:59 @Phenix7d7d - most certainly will :D here is why I am in love w/Mondays ;) twitpic.com/105y4 - pretty brave if you ask me :D

* 07:05 @KristenArnold - I wonder how people can do business like that?? Sometimes I think it is a fake message LOL!!

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